The Bliss


If this is all there is,

Maybe that’s ok..

Believing in the Bliss,

Wishin my time away

A tender-hearted sadness pulls me through the day

But that’s alright.

My heart is ok.   (The Bliss, The Fortunate Ones)

Connecting with this song today. These last few days my confidence is waning. I think I am probably being overly pessimistic but also probably building up my defences, protecting my heart from an epic fall…Still, I can’t help but feel that aching hope that this is our answer.

I am not unhappy. Am I happy, fulfilled? Some days I would say yes. I love my husband and I do feel this is bringing us closer. I am so lucky to have him. I am lucky for my career and my family, my house, my friends (all though most are far away), my health. Still, it is there in my heart – a longing. I haven’t had the courage to really visualize it yet – to really picture my very own baby…because you know, what if?

Going to try to enjoy the sunlight and channel some positivity as I wait (?patiently) for my PGS results this week….

The Bliss


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