This weekend I was lucky enough to complete a challenging and fun road race in the beautiful “cottage country” area in Ontario. This race was special because it also incorporates music and live bands along the route and after the race there’s a concert. The race was fun, it wasn’t easy and I wish I had trained more but I was glad I was able to push myself and finished my second 10 km. Now I’m looking at doing another one in a couple weeks to see if I can beat my PB from last year :).

The concert was really good too, the band Hey Rosetta! are really talented and they totally stole the show. I first heard of the concept of Kintsukuroi from them via CBC radio 2 (it’s the title of a song from their label). It is inspired by a Japanese art form that involves piecing back together broken pottery with gold lacquer – creating a more beautiful piece as time goes one with more cracks and imperfections. Its a nice image and message. Maybe the things that break us can make us more beautiful versions of ourselves, and hopefully stronger and more resilient.

Either way, I do like the song even though I’m not sure how much the song has to do with the message.

Anyway. Happy Monday.





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