Either Way

This song isn’t really about infertility at all but the raw emotion in his voice really hits me in the gut. I think I see everything through a lens of my own experience so I can relate to some of it, sometimes it would be nice to just be able to walk away from the whole process, to be “…past the point of give a damn”. Mostly I just like this song though. I never used to be a country fan but in the last few years its been growing on me.

I will say that I am fortunate that through all of the stress infertility has put on us I think we have remained united and for the most part still happy and definitely in love. So I know I am fortunate and I can’t wait to have my DH back home (he’s been overseas for the last few months with the military). It has been lonely here without him.

And, I have a slightly major update. I have a little embryo on board. It was transferred yesterday. It survived and was expanding when they transferred it. I have a different feeling this time. Although a million things are going through my brain at times I do feel more calm this time. I am sure when it gets closer to the end of the two-week wait I might be singing a different song but for now I am feeling happy and hopeful so I will take it for now. My friend joined me for the transfer (didn’t come in the procedure room but waited with me and we went for breakfast afterwards). It was nice to catch up and it made the process less stressful having her there. If this works it will be quite the story – DH is in another continent and my friend was with me when I get pregnant ;).

And….it if it doesn’t work I’m going to be very sad….BUT, I have almost convinced DH that we should get a puppy. I know the puppy won’t fix everything but I do think it would help to ease the ache and the need to care for something. Anyway, I have a back up plan so that helps.

Happy Wednesday all.



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