About Me

This blog is my space to put my feelings into words and connect with others on this sometimes very lonely journey of TTC.

My DH (Dear Husband) met many moons ago in our pre-med days. Since then we accomplished many things together but the last few years have also featured our TTC journey.

Like most of us when I was 29 and decided to stop the BCP I thought I would be pregnant in a matter of months but that was unfortunately not the case for us.

The summary of our TTC journey:

  • 2013 – Stopped the pill, start TTC however not living in the same city
  • 2014 – “Actively” TTC, still no luck
  • November 2014 – First visit to local fertility clinic. Possible MFI with lowish sperm counts and <1% normal morphology. All other testing ok.
  • April 2015 – First IUI with Gonal-F, 3 follicles but not successful.
  • Series of set backs (cysts etc), next IUI Oct 2015 – BFN
  • More cysts/ high estrogen for next few months
  • November 2015 – Meet with Reproductive Endocrinologist. More testing ordered. All other results good.
  • April 2016 – First IVF/ICSI. 24 eggs, 19 fertilized with ICSI. 6 left on Day 5 (forced Freeze all due to OHSS). PGS added at last minute. All blasts Abnormal. No explanation.
  • Genetic testing for both is normal
  • September 2016 – Second IVF/ICSI – 26 eggs, 21 fertilized, 9 made it to Day5/6. 2 normal embryos! (Not as many as I would have liked but better than 0!)
  • Dec/Jan 2017 – FET#1 – Modified Natural Protocol = BFN.
  • ERA testing done March 2017 = Receptive endometrium on medicated cycle.
  • June 2017 – FET#2 planned.

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